The English Corner 3 January

Posted Date : 03-Jan-2018


(An) Englishman's  home is his castle.
An Englishman's home is a place where he feels safe, enjoys privacy and can do as he wishes. 
False friends are worse than open enemies.
It's better to know who your real enemies are rather than trust someone who pretends to be a friend but is capable of stabbing you in the back. 
(A) guilty conscience needs no accuser.
If you know that you have done something wrong, you don't need anyone to tell you that you're guilty.
If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.
If just wishing for something were enough to make it happen, then even the poorest of people would have everything they wanted. Wishing alone is not sufficient; you must act as well.

Tongue Twister
 Birdie birdie in the sky laid a turdie in my eye. If cows could fly I’d have a cow pie in my eye.
Willy’s real rear whee.l
(Repeat it loudly a few times to check   if you could say it fast, without a slip)

Synonyms and Antonyms
sorrow (verb)
to feel deep sadness or mental pain. the soldier's widow continued to sorrow long after her hu band's last letter had turned yellow with age
Synonyms- of sorrow agonize, anguish, bleed, hurt, mourn, grieve, suffer
Words Related- to sorrow ache, long (for), pine (away), sigh, smart rack, torment, torture bemoan, bewail, deplore, lament, rue bawl, blubber, cry, groan, howl, keen, moan, sob, take on, wail, weep, yammer, yowl languish regret.
Near Antonyms- of sorrow beam, cheer, crow, delight, exult, glory, joy, laugh, ravish, rejoice, triumph assure, cheer, comfort, commiserate, console, reassure, solace, soothe, sympathize.

 Phrasal Verbs
A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb. Below you will find a list of phrasal verbs in alphabetical order with their meaning and an example of use.
keep up with- Stay at the same level as someone or something
Bill walks so fast it's difficult to keep up with him.
move out- Leave your home/office for another one.    
My neighbour is leaving.  He's moving out next Saturday.

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