The English Corner 5 January

Posted Date : 05-Jan-2018

(The) best things in life are free.
You don't have to pay for what is important: happiness, friendship, good health.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
When you are separated from the person you love, your feelings are even stronger.
Early to bed, and early to rise, makes 
a man healthy, wealthy and wise.    
It is much better for you to go to bed early and to get up early in the morning.

 Phrasal Verbs
A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb. Below you will find a list of phrasal verbs in alphabetical order with their meaning and an example of use.
break free-Detach from a physical hold.
He broke free from his attacker's grasp.
deal with- Handle, take care of (problem, situation)    
The manager is good at dealing with difficult customers.

Synonyms and Antonyms
conference (noun)

1. a body of people come together in one place
“the conference voted to conclude that day's meeting and to resume discussions the next morning”
Synonyms- assemblage, assembly, conference, congregation, convocation, ingathering, meeting, muster
2. a meeting featuring a group discussion <a conference on the need for international cooperation in combating emerging viruses>
Synonyms- colloquy, conference, council, panel, panel discussion, parley, powwow, round-robin, roundtable, seminar, symposium
Related Words colloquium; caucus, town meeting; assembly, conclave, congregation, congress, consistory, convention, convocation, synod; debate, deliberation; brainstorming; chat room, newsgroup
3. an exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue <a parent-teacher conference to discuss a student having trouble in school
Synonyms- argument, argumentation, argy-bargy [chiefly British], back-and-forth, colloquy, confab, confabulation, conference, consult, consultation, council, counsel, debate, deliberation, dialogue (also dialog), give-and-take, palaver, parley, talk.

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