The English Corner 11 June

Posted Date : 11-Jun-2018

General Medical Experts
There are different types of doctors who treat various medical conditions according to their specialization.
Medical Geneticist ~ Carries out studies, tests, treatments and counsels patients about genetic diseases and disorders.
Pediatric Geneticist ~ Conducts genetic assessment to determine if a child has acquired any genetic syndrome and suggests treatment for the same.

Names for Names
synonym    word whose meaning is the             same as another word
tautonym    taxonomic name in which genus         and species are the same

Collective Name  Animal
 gaze        of    raccoons
nursery        of    raccoons
 colony        of    rats
horde        of    rats
Mischief    of    rats

An idiom a day, keeps  confusion away 

Used to describe the person that earns the most money. For example - She's the breadwinner in the family.
Cut it fine
If you cut it fine, you only just manage to do something- at the very last moment. 'Cut things fine' is the same. 'Cut it a bit fine' is a common variation.
Dry spell
If something or someone is having a dry spell, they aren't being as successful as they normally are.

Buzz Words
Recently-coined new words in English,  terms and expressions with their meaning. 
Onesie    A one : piece garment for adults, rather like a baby's sleeping suit, usually made of soft material and worn for relaxing or sleeping.
Optics    The way a situation appears to the general public, or the impression it gives.

Each word with a suffix 'ism' represents a philosophical, political or moral doctrine or a belief system. 
spatialism    doctrine that matter has only             spatial, temporal and causal             properties
spiritualism    belief that nothing is real except         the soul or spirit
stoicism    belief in indifference to pleas            ure or pain
These Words with suffix 'sophy' and 'sopher' words have in common an etymological derivation from the Greek sophia, meaning 'wisdom'. They refer to an odd group of systems of knowledge and philosophical practices.
misosophy : hatred of knowledge or wisdom
morosophy : foolish pretence of wisdom
pansophy : universal knowledge

Economics Terminology  

Demand decrease - A decrease in the quantity demanded at every price; a shift to the left of the demand curve.  
Demand increase -  An increase in the quantity demanded at every price; a shift to the right of the demand curve.  
Determinants of demand - Factors that influence consumer purchases of goods, services, or resources.  

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