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Posted Date : 07-Oct-2018

Economics Terminology  
Determinants of demand - Factors that influence consumer purchases of goods, services, or resources.  
National debt - The net accumulation of federal budget deficits
Price - The money value of a unit of a good, service, or resource  
Save - Set aside earnings (income) for a future use.  

attire - (n.)  clothes, apparel, garb; (v.) to dress, adorn, or bedeck
Synonym: clothing

(Uncontrolled obsession is called mania)
pharmacomania        drugs or medicines
phasmomania        ghosts
homomania        homosexuals or                     homosexuality

A Guide to Inventions and Discoveries
Automobile: (first with internal combustion engine, 250 rpm) Karl Benz, Germany, 1885; (first with practical high-speed internal combustion engine, 900 rpm) Gottlieb Daimler, Germany, 1885; (first true automobile, not carriage with motor) René Panhard, Emile Lavassor, France, 1891; (carburetor, spray) Charles E. Duryea, U.S., 1892.

proverb - is a saying that makes a truth or piece of wisdom easier to remember e.g. a stitch in time saves nine 
crime doesn't pay
crime is not profitable or beneficial and you will probably be caught and punished if you commit a crime The young man learned that crime doesn't pay when he was arrested for stealing the bicycle.
penny wise and pound foolish
to be careful with small amounts of money but to waste large amounts of money on unnece sary things The woman was penny wise and pound foolish and would hesitate to spend money on fruits and vegetables for her family but would buy very expensive desserts. 
slow and steady wins the race
 being patient and determined will lead you to success Slow and steady wins the race and the man was successful because of his hard work and patient determination. 

Buzz Words
Recently-coined new words in English,  terms and expressions with their meaning. 
Hacktivist : A person who manipulates information on the internet in order to transmit a message, usually political.
Haycation :  A holiday or vacation spent on a farm.

Tongue Twister
We will learn why her lowly lone, worn yarn loom will rarely earn immoral money.
(Repeat it loudly a few times to check   if you could say it fast, without a slip)

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