The English Corner 13 April

Posted Date : 13-Apr-2018

A cat has nine lives.

1) Cats can survive many accidents because they land on their feet without injury. 2) Nine lives = 3 years to play, 3 years to stray, 3 years to stay.
(A) burnt child dreads the fire.
A bad experience will make people stay away from certain things.
Courtesy is contagious
If you are polite to other people, they will be polite to you.
(A) drop of ink may make a million think.
A thought expressed in writing (for example, published in a newspaper) can influence a large number of people.

afterparty- A relaxed social gathering which takes place after a party, a concert or any other crowded event. 
bashtag- A bashtag is a hashtag (#) that is used to make critical or abusive comments on social networking services such as Twitter.
catfish- A person who sets up a false profile on a social networking site in order to deceive others or for fraudulent.

Synonyms and Antonyms
assembly (noun)

1 a body of people come together in one placethe usual assembly of early morning commuters waiting at the train station
Synonyms of- assembly assemblage, conference, congregation, convocation, gathering, ingathering, meeting, muster
Words Related to- assembly company, consort, coterie, gang, pack caucus, forum, market, panel, rally, symposium, synod audience, gallery, grandstand, house crowd, flock, horde, legion, multitude, press, swarm, throng crush, mob, rabble
2. a body of persons gathered for religious worship The preacher addressed the assembly in somber tones.
Synonyms of- assembly church, congregation
Words Related to- assembly flock, laity, parish
communion, confession, denomination, fold, sect
3. a coming together of a number of persons for a specified purpose Attendance at the awards assembly is mandatory.
Synonyms of- assembly congress, convention, convocation, council, gathering, get-together, huddle, meeting, powwow
Words Related to- assemblyclinic, workshopcaucus, conclave, synoddemonstration, rallyconversation, dialogue (also dialog), discourse,discussion, palaver, talknegotiation, parley, summitconference, forum, roundtable, seminar, symposium,  interview, session.


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