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Monica Lewinsky calls out bullies who hide behind internet anonymity in an emotional PSA that sees cruel insults from online trolls brought to life in a series of shocking confrontations

Lewinksy, 44, teamed up with a New York ad agency on the project
In the video, people approach strangers on the street and say cruel things, commenting on things like weight, sexuality, and race 
Though the bullies and victims featured in the video are actors, their words were lifted from real social media posts
The video asks why this kind of behavior is so 'normal' online when it would not be tolerated in real life
In 2015, Lewinsky gave a TED Talk in which she identified herself as 'Patient Zero' in the online bullying epidemic
She has become a vocal advocate for the anti-bullying movement 


Monica Lewinsky wants people to think long and hard about the fact that cruel, racist, and bigoted comments are so commonplace on the internet when they're not tolerated in real life.

Lewinsky, 44, has become a vocal advocate for the anti-bullying movement in recent years, and recently teamed up with the ad agency BBDO New York to create a PSA for the cause.


Called 'In Real Life', the PSA features several scenes in which people are filmed slinging hurtful and bigoted insults at others around New York City.

In one, a stranger approaches a gay couple sitting and eating at a restaurant to berate them.

'I think gay people are sick, and you guys should just kill yourselves. Just end your miserable existence,' he says. 'Homosexuality is a disease. You're saving humanity by killing yourselves.'

In another scene at the same restaurant, one woman approaches another at a table to insult her weight.

'Fat b****es like you should get over themselves and go on a diet,' she tells her. 'I'm traumatized. Get a gym membership. I f***ing hate fat people.'



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