The English Corner 11 November

Posted Date : 11-Nov-2017

It's no use crying over spilt milk
Don't express regret for something that has happened and cannot be remedied.
Might as well be hanged for a sheep as (for) a lamb
If the penalty is going to be same, you might as well commit the greater offence.
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones
One should not criticize others for faults similar to one's own and risk retaliation.
The best things in life are free
You don't have to pay for what is important: happiness, friendship, good health.

 Phrasal Verbs
A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb. Below you will find a list of phrasal verbs in alphabetical order with their meaning and an example of use.
come up with- Produce an idea or plan.    
Sacha came up with a great idea for the party.

and back- Return    
She read the article and then handed it back.
know of- have heard of / have knowledge about
Do you know of anyone else attending the conference?

Synonyms and Antonyms
humanity (noun)

1.human beings in general all humanity can learn from this tragedy
Synonyms- of humanity folks, people, humankind, public, species, world
2. the capacity for feeling for another's unhappiness or misfortune
a country known for the humanity of its liberal immigration policy
Synonyms- of humanity  bigheartedness, charity, commiseration, compassion, feeling, good-heartedness, heart, kindheartedness, kindliness, kindness, largeheartedness, mercy, pity, ruth, softheartedness, sympathy, warmheartedness
Near Antonyms- of humanity callousness, coldness, disinterest, indifference, unconcern cruelty, harshness animosity, antipathy, dislike, hatred, hostility
Antonyms- of humanity coldheartedness, hard-heartedness, inhumanity, inhumanness, mercilessness, pitilessness
3. the human race in Greek mythology, the gods display many of the weaknesses of humanity, such as jealousy, foolishness, and greed
Synonyms- of humanity Homo sapiens, mankind, humankind, man.

Tongue Twister
Tom threw Tim three thumbtacks
(Repeat it loudly a few times to check   if you could say it fast, without a slip)

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