The English Corner 12 September 2018

Posted Date : 12-Sep-2018

General Medical Experts
There are different types of doctors who treat various medical conditions according to their specialization.
Hepatologist ~ Studies and treats diseases that affect the liver.
Pediatric Hepatologist ~ Studies and treats chronic and congenial diseases of liver in children.
Nephrologist ~ Studies, diagnoses and treats kidney diseases and ailments.

Economics Terminology  

Revenue - Payments received by businesses from selling goods and services. 
Standard of living - A minimum of necessities, comforts, or luxuries held essential to maintaining a person or group in customary or proper status or circumstances.  
Total cost - Cost of resources used in producing a product multiplied by the quantity produced.  

An idiom a day, keeps  confusion away 
all is fair in love and war

anything that you do in love or in war can beexcused All is fair in love and war the man thought when he asked his colleague for a date. 
Bend someone's ear
To bend someone's ear is to talk to someone about something for a long-enough period that it becomes tiresome for the listener.

Chalk and cheese
Things, or people, that are like chalk and cheese are very different and have nothing in common.
Dutch treat
If something like a meal is a Dutch treat, then each person pays their own share of the bill.
Eat like a horse
Someone who eats like a horse, eats a lot.

Buzz Words
Recently-coined new words in English,  terms and expressions with their meaning. 
Freemale : A woman who is happy to stay single and independent so that she can do what she wants when she wants.
Glass cliff: Refers to a situation where women are selected for positions when there is a strong likelihood of failure.

Each word with a suffix 'ism' represents a philosophical, political or moral doctrine or a belief system. 
hedonism    belief that pleasure is the 
        highest good
organicism    conception of life or society as         an organism
personalism    doctrine that humans possess     spiritual freedom

A Guide to Inventions and Discoveries

Measles vaccine: John F. Enders, Thomas Peebles, U.S., 1953.
Pen: (fountain) Lewis E. Waterman, U.S., 1884; (ball-point, for marking on rough surfaces) John H. Loud, U.S., 1888; (ball-point, for handwriting) Lazlo Biro, Argentina, 1944.

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