Myth and Reality

Posted Date : 04-Dec-2018

Case 1: 
"Ma'm if I don't get Married to this guy, I will never get a guy. Ma'm shaadi Ho jaye sab theek Ho jayega" 
Case 2: 
"Ma'm I have become violent and angry because of my fiancee, she has driven me Mad. Ma'm shaadi Ho jaye sab theek Ho jayega" 
Case 3: 
"Ma'm I don't feel treated well by my future husband, But family Says Shaadi kar le, sab theek Ho jayega"

The worst Myth about Mental-llnesses:
1) Get him /Her Married OR have children and He/She shall start leading a Fully responsible and Normal Life.

#Facts: Pl Understand 
A) Someone who is diagnosed with Disorders like Bipolar or Personality Disorders or Schizophrenia etc. (IN short Psychoses OR Severe Mental Illnesses) needs to be treated, rehabilitated IN various areas of the required LikeSkills, SelfAcceptance and Socialization process with the help of 360 degree Family and Social support. Post these interventions initiating a Relationship or Marriage or any other kind of added responsiblity Or association can be looked into.

b) Someone who has been Diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Fears etc. (IN short Neuroses or Common Mental Disorders) also requires regular help and support. Plans like Marriage, bearing children or taking up some big responsibility OR accountability can further aggravate the condition and trigger a more severe form of Illness in future.

In both #Neuroses or #Psychoses #DearIndians (settled in Rural or cities), getting a person married, taking up parenthood or initiating a fullfledged Responsibility like Job or work is not the #Solution. Basic needs fulfillment can be looked into after the proper Treatment or along with Treatment measures as the Clients gets ready over the period of time. Just like Flu, Heart condition or Malaria... Mental Illnesses also require Treatment, Preventive, AfterCare as well as Support.

Let's stop following these Age old blind #MythicalBeliefs and start accepting the #ProgressiveFacts. Asking or receiving Help is not a Weakness or a Sign of it. In fact it's part of #SelfCare and wanting to have a better Life. 
(Inspired by three real Cases wherein the girl/boy and their Families are Stuck in this Myth, and are on the Verge of getting married their kids thinking that's the Solution. Despite Doctors saying No-No-No)
Nimisha Rastogi
 Mind Life Consultant
Ahmedabad · 

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